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Gill Harvey Collection is a premier fashion range by Medici Group, one of London’s leading luxury womenswear specialists. Following the decision to merge two of Medici’s established labels, ‘Invite’ and ‘After Six’ and to rename them after the company’s principal designer and co-founder, Brand Inventions was asked to perform the rebranding.

Gill Harvey is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. She founded Medici in the 1980’s with Irving Goodman and the company quickly established itself as a major designer and manufacturer of luxury womenswear. Launched at the end of 2012 at the same time as its sister brand Eliza Jane Howell, the Gill Harvey Collection is designed with the mother of the bride in mind, indeed it is aimed at anyone in need of a glamorous dress for an important event or special occasion. Drawing inspiration from the golden age of fashion, this vintage inspired range is the epitome of grown up glamour.

The brief dictated that the design should relate strongly to the identity we created for Eliza Jane Howell whilst having its own personality at same time. We used the letter ‘H’ (which had been the starting point for the Eliza Jane Howell logotype) to establish a clear relationship but added an elegant flourish. Whilst the bridal emblem is arranged symmetrically around a central axis, the Gill Harvey logo has no natural centre. The asymmetry of the resulting design means that it is slightly less formal or classical. We kept faith with an elegant typeface, a dove grey on white colour scheme and a hot-press gold foil treatment has been employed in the print process to further reflect the sophisticated credentials of the collection.

Gill Harvey says:

Brand Inventions has been completely involved in the re-branding of the Medici Group from the outset. We have been very impressed by Ben’s ability to literally read our minds and put our very sketchy thoughts into creating the stylish modern-vintage image we were searching for. We owe Ben a huge debt of gratitude. His combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what our company needed and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

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© Copyright Chris Dawes 2019 - all rights reserved

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ClientGill Harvey
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