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Eliza Jane Howell, the London-based fashion house, provides Brand Inventions with one of its biggest contracts. We have been providing design services to the bridal wear company since its launch in 2012. The company is the inspiration of renowned fashion designer Gill Harvey. Named after her grandmother, the Eliza Jane Howell Collection draws inspiration from exquisite vintage gowns of the past and is the epitome of grown up glamour. The collection is aimed at the modern day bride who would love to wear a dress that oozes the sophistication and decadence of the golden age of fashion.

At its inception in 2012, Brand Inventions was commissioned to create an identity for Eliza Jane Howell. The logotype mixes serif & sans-serif fonts to play upon the blend of traditional and modern. The emblem joins the ‘H’ of ‘Howell’ and its mirror image to create a tiara-like motif and the colours of burnished gold and dove grey are further intended to resonate with the keynotes of the collection itself; a restrained and classically simple design which aspires to evoke the spirit of the brand.

Our work for The Medici Group is varied. It includes post-production photographic imaging and retouching; the design of garment labels and hangtags; magazine advertisements for publications such as ‘Brides’ and ‘You and Your Wedding’ and marketing for exhibitions and trade fairs such as the annual Barcelona Bridal Fashion week, the British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate and the International Bridal Design Fair at the White Gallery, London. We also look after Medici’s trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office & all IP related matters – a service we offer to all our clients.

Project description

Every fashion photograph goes through a post-production digital retouching process in Photoshop to enhance it. This can be a time consuming and technically demanding job depending on what is required. On occasions, the model in the photograph will need to be separated from the studio background and superimposed onto a new backdrop, a process that needs a skilled and artistic touch if the results are to be convincing. The ‘Debutante Collection’ for example, from 2015, employs a hand-painted stage cloth as backdrop to the photographs. This is somewhat in the manner of the English Picturesque style of eighteenth century landscape painting (inspired by the art of seventeenth century French painters, notably Poussin and Claude Lorriane). Whilst this device is not new, (it was hugely popular with photographers like Lenare and Cecil Beaton); it has been largely overlooked today. The approach has helped create a lyrical and romantic setting which fits well with the elegant and sophisticated appeal of the vintage collection. It helps establish a vaguely aristocratic aesthetic which is quintessentially English. And since the label is fast becoming recognised internationally, especially in America, this is an important aspect of the brand for the company to communicate in their marketing. Our job is to ensure that it is communicated effectively. Once the post-production process has been completed, the images can be used in a variety of ways. A ‘line-sheet’ for each range is produced which identifies every dress by name and lists the available sizes and colour options. These are used by stockists to present the collections. The images are uploaded to the company’s website and selected images are used for magazine advertisements, invitations and other print and web-related applications.

In 2017, Brand Inventions was commissioned to design the new website for Eliza Jane Howell. The website showcases Gill Harvey’s new collection each year and is an important resource for the company’s many stockists and customers around the world.

Gill Harvey says:

Brand Inventions has been completely involved in the re-branding of the Medici Group from the outset. We have been very impressed by Ben’s ability to literally read our minds and put our very sketchy thoughts into creating the stylish modern-vintage image we were searching for. We owe Ben a huge debt of gratitude. His combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what our company needed and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Ben Galloway says:

In 2016 Gill Harvey was voted Best Bridal Designer by the first ever UK Wedding Awards and in addition won Best British Bridal Designer in the British Wedding Awards. In 2017 Eliza Jane Howell was voted Best Bridal Designer for the second year in a row in the UK Wedding Awards and was shortlisted again in 2018 and 2019. How could I not feel exceptionally proud to have been working for Gill and her team over the last 8 years. We have worked on some very interesting projects together and believe we have developed a professional and fruitful relationship based upon the two cornerstones of our business – creativity and delivery. I am very grateful for your belief in us. A special thank you to Andrea Cutts at Eliza Jane Howell who has managed that relationship from the start with great dexterity and enthusiasm and she is a delight to work for.

© Copyright Emma-Jane Photography 2019 - all rights reserved

© Copyright Emma-Jane Photography 2019 - all rights reserved

© Copyright Emma-Jane Photography 2019 - all rights reserved

In 2020, Eliza Jane Howell split from its parent company, The Medici Group and founded its own parent company, Harvey Howell London Limited. Brand Inventions was asked to create a logo for the new company in line with its 2012 logo for Eliza Jane Howell. The results require no further explanation.

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