Project description

In 2022,  the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA), commissioned a new logo for ELIPS, (Employment Tribunal Litigants in Person Support Scheme).

The organisation requested two logo concepts to choose from and directed that in both cases, the logo should bear the acronym ‘ELIPS’ and, (in place of a tagline or strapline), the name of the service in full. The logo needs to convey the name of the scheme clearly – the challenge will be trying to ensure that the ‘strapline’ is legible given its length, and this will be largely determined by the choice of font and letter spacing. The logo should communicate the core values of the service simply and effectively. ELA stipulated that the logo must, at least in part, relate to the parent organisation, (Employment Lawyers Association), specifically the recently revamped logo of the ELA and directed that we should create ”something similar to ELA to connect the two, however they should not be exactly the same”. They also requested that one of the logos should be in upper case and the other in lower  case and that a similar format and colours should be adopted.

Shown here are the two designs – Logotype 1 is the upper case design, Logotype 2 is the lower case design. Both designs utilise the same two font choices, ‘Zona Pro’ and ‘Arimo’ and a palette of two or 3 colours which are already familiar to ELA. ‘Zona Pro’ is available in 7 different stroke widths (or thicknesses), which presents options to the client. The designs shown here utilise the ones that we feel work the best. In each case we have provided colour options and mockups to show how the design might appear in printed media.

ClientELA Emplaoyment Lawyers Association
ProjectELIPS logo and ELA silver jubillee logo


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