Cuba Rocks!

Project description

Betty Barclay regularly commissions Brand Inventions to design invitations for its corporate events. The design of the ‘Cuba Rocks’ invitation from August 2014 required a treatment that was in sympathy with the Cuban-styled theme of the evening.

Very often, a company knows what it wants from the outset, communicates a brief and supplies the pieces of the puzzle. Our job is simply to arrange those pieces correctly, and so it was with this task.

Cuba’s Spanish colonial past as well as its more recent relationship and close association with Russia is referenced in the style of fonts and colours chosen. The result is hopefully a simple but effective evocation of Old Havana and its laid back bar and café culture. The intention was to create an invitation that is as cool as a Mojito and one which would conjure up a chilled vibe.

ClientBetty Barclay Pro Fashion GmbH Design
Project'Cuba Rocks' themed invitation


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