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Advance Nutrition is an established and highly regarded consultancy providing a comprehensive range of nutritional services. The company is run by renowned nutritionalist, food expert, chef, journalist and media expert, Christine Bailey. Christine has years of experience in the food and health sector writing for magazines and newspapers on food and fitness as well as appearing on radio, and television. She is regularly consulted by the media for features on health and nutritional matters. With a proven track record of delivering quality services for over 10 years the company remains at the forefront of nutritional research and practice.

Brand Inventions was engaged in early October 2009 and we created design concepts for a new corporate identity illustrating how this could be applied to different elements of the consultancy’s marketing collateral. We established the logo and worked with Advance Nutrition to create their first website. The consultancy’s mission, (informed by scientific research and study), is a desire to promote health, fitness and wellbeing via comprehensive lifestyle changes and to empower individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health. Our challenge was to try and reflect this aproach in purely pictorial terms. The four individually coloured or ‘flavoured’ designs that we produced set out to achieve this and ultimately resulted in the revised design that Advance Nutrition adopted in 2009 and still uses today.

ClientAdvance Nutrition
ProjectLogo and branding


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